Raw Dog Food Recipes

Your dog is an integral part of your family. They provide unconditional love, companionship and happiness. While you may take careful consideration as to what you eat or what you make for the non-four legged members of your family eats, this same consideration should be given to what you feed your dog. Your dog relies on you to make the best choice in providing him with nutritional and healthy dog food that will keep him energized and healthy. Maybe, it is time to start considering some raw dog food recipes that can be a much better alternative than the store bought dog food you have been feeding him?

When you decide to make your dog food, there are a number of benefits that you and your dog will be rewarded with. First, when you use a raw dog food recipe you know exactly what is going into your pet’s meal. This allows you to feed him the healthiest foods without preservatives, fillers or other common unknown additives that can be hindering your dog’s health. But, what exactly will you need for raw dog food recipes and are these raw foods safe for your dog?


Raw Dog Food Recipes: Are They Safe?

While humans need to worry more about harmful bacteria like salmonella or e-coli most dog breeds are not susceptible to these bacteria. Meats is actually much better for you dog when they are served raw. When meat is cooked a majority of the vitamins and minerals will break down and will have little benefit for your dog. While it is necessary for humans to cook meats to kill off the bacteria our systems can not handle this is not required when using meat in your raw dog food recipes. The types of raw meats you can use range from eggs, fish, chicken, beef, rabbit and any other animal meat. A majority of your dog’s diet will come in the form of raw meat or around 60-80%. The meat can be left on the bones as these also provide you dog with additional nutrition. The organs are also safe for your dog to eat and again provide optimal nutritional value to your dog’s diet.

The remaining ingredients in your raw dog food recipes will typically consist of vegetables. Raw vegetables like squash, carrots, cabbage, asparagus and celery are ideal vegetables that you can mix in with their raw meats. Broccoli is also a good option to serve your dog but can cause gas or bloating. If your dog has any sensitive stomach issues you may want to pass on the broccoli.

Choosing to use raw dog food recipes are highly recommended for dog diets. They provide a much healthier alternative to store bought dog foods. You can feel much better about what you are feeding your dog and in knowing that you are providing them with the best options.