Why You Should Never Buy High Protein Dog Food


Have you considered buying protein-rich food for your dog? Many dog owners hear constantly that a high protein dog food is the ideal food to feed their dog, but this is not always the recommendation. While dogs do require protein in their diets, they do much better with a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Increase your dog’s proteins is not always the most beneficial and for some breeds and dogs this can actually be harmful.

While protein is an essential building block that dogs need to help them perform many of the necessary daily functions too much of it can cause some disturbances for your dog. If your dog consumes too much protein, it is unable to use it or store it for later, so the body simply releases the excess protein. Another thing to also consider about high protein dog food is these are most often contain high amounts of other nutrients that could also be harmful to your dog when taken in excess.

Dogs who consume high protein dog foods may also not be properly maintaining the proper amount of calcium and phosphorus. High protein meats make it more difficult for your dog to produce the right calcium-phosphorus ratio, and this can result in poor bone growth or even kidney damage. The high protein dog food can also be causing your dog to put on extra pounds. Since high protein foods contain more calories, you can quickly begin to see your dog put on an excessive amount of weight. While some dogs do need to take in slightly more protein than other breeds, it is not necessary to drastically increase the protein your dog consumes.


When deciding the best dog food to feed to your dog, you will want to take into consideration their size, lifestyle, age and bred. Most working dogs, or dogs who are much more active than the typical house dog will need a higher caloric or high protein dog food. Puppies will also require a different diet than most adult dogs. Puppies will require more protein in their diet to help support growth and to help fuel their puppy energy., but even different puppy breeds will require different amounts of protein in their diet. While you may be tempted to increase the protein for larger puppy breeds, this can result in excess weight gain which can do damage to your puppy developing joints, muscles and tissue.

The best type of dog food to feed your dog is one that offers balance. While a high protein dog food may sound like the best option for you dog there are some vital factors to consider. The excess protein is not always necessary and in more cases than not can do more harm than good. Choose a dog food that contains a mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats.