What is The Best Dog Food For Senior Dogs?

best-dog-food-for-senior-dogsAs your dog gets older their behavior will change, which results in having to find a more appropriate dog food. Depending on the breed of dog, its body weight, how active it is and any medical conditions, you can start feeding a different type of dog food. Typically dogs are considered to begin hitting old age once they reach half of their life expectancy. Larger dogs have a typical lifespan of 12 to 15 years, whereas smaller dogs tend to live up to 20 years. If your dog is overweight, you want to do your best to changes its diet to shed those excessive pounds. Dogs who are overweight tend to age much faster than dogs who maintain a healthy weight. Most vets will recommend cutting back on your dog’s calorie intake when they reach old age to help reduce the risk of them becoming overweight or obese.

Dog Food For Senior Dogs

High fiber dog food for senior dogs can help improve your older dog’s gastrointestinal health. The additional fiber will also assist in your dog’s ability to absorb the vital nutrient and minerals from the food they eat. You will also want to ensure your dog is drinking plenty of water. Not only is this necessary, if you choose a dog food that is high in fiber, but it also becomes more difficult for older dogs to maintain water as they age.

You will also want to include some high-quality protein sources in your senior dog’s diet. The protein will help your senior dog maintain a healthy weight as well keep the muscle mass maintained. This will result in less stress being placed on the kidneys.



There is a variety of specially formulated dog food for senior dogs available; each can help assist in depending on the conditions your dog may be showing signs of. Some older dogs will need specially formulated oral food, since many older dogs can suffer from dental issues. Other dogs will need a low-calorie, low-fat and low-sodium food product, in order to keep off the excess weight. It also helps to control diabetes or to manage potential stomach issues.

Each senior dog will require a different diet and what might be right for one dog, may not be a good option for another dog – even if they are the same breeds. When choosing the best dog food for senior dogs, it is always best to consult a veterinarian, especially if you dog seems to be uninterested in food. Your dog’s actual age and activity level will have a direct effect on what type of diet they will need to maintain a healthy weight and combat the effects of getting older.